Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Our leadership development program involves a number of journey points in order to directly address the needs and issues in your organisation’s specific context and ensure you achieve your stated objectives and outcomes.


WPPL helps your leaders develop the skills that will make them successful at every level of leadership.

  •  For emerging leaders up to the CEO, we offer innovative leadership development solutions that support your strategy execution and business improvement from the perspective of risk management, decision making, negotiation skills, ethical challenges and other possible areas that leaders usually encountered.
  •  For the new hires and future leaders,  WPPL offer the foundation development that allow to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing working environment by highly participatory training methodology for personal development of young executive.

WPPL’s coaches provide professional coaching for individuals, teams and across organisations ensuring a well-supported environment to increase their motivation and professional development of your people. Our individual coaching services facilitate the transformation and accelerate development and is tailored to the individual’s needs and situation through different approaches that suitable for C-Suite and Leaders who engaging for new role, transitioning from technical to people-oriented and need support in making behavioural changes.

Wide-range Learning and Development Area
WPPL offers wide-range of topics and focus to cater various learning and
development needs for our clients. It includes:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Development
  • Soft skill Development
  • Sales & Services Enhancement Development
  • Quality Enhancement Development
  • Teamwork and Empowerment Services